We have a wide range of interesting properties available to buy and rent.

Our properties: unique real estate for sale

If you are looking for a suitable property, then you’ve come to exactly the right place. As part of our own real estate projects, we have a large number of unique homes and apartments on offer. We invite you to have a look around. Each of these properties has something special. Our portfolio is guaranteed to have the perfect choice for you, too.

Find your dream home

Welcome! If you’re looking for the perfect property, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s your own real estate project or an external sales order, we offer a range of interesting and unique properties that have that special something.

Want to learn more? On this page, you’ll find all of the properties currently for sale as well as project announcements, with the option to register your interest. You can find out more about the individual projects with just a few clicks. The INIZIA Living team wishes you great joy and inspiration.

About INIZIA Living

INIZIA Living is part of the INIZIA Group and is an independent company that is solely responsible for sales and customer care. Experienced real estate experts will be happy to accompany you on the journey to your new home.

Our properties

All of the properties reflect our preference for simple and elegant aesthetics and innovative living solutions. Each property has its own charm and stands out for its timeless design and unique architecture.

Properties with lasting value

Our goal is to provide properties with lasting value. We achieve this goal thanks to a comprehensive and sustainable approach, including the choice of location, contemporary architecture and high-quality materials. This ensures not only the longevity of the properties, but also provides a long-term investment for our clients at the same time.

Membership in SVIT

Furthermore, we are members of the Schweizerischen Verband der Immobilienwirtschaft (SVIT – Swiss Real Estate Association). As such, in addition to our own extremely high quality standards, we’re obliged to comply with the principles of this renowned institution, which represents the expertise of the Swiss real estate industry like no other organisation.